A summary of our C-19 procedures for our performance and overall time on site.


We have plenty of clear screens to place in front of the performance area and also on stage between players. We can also use them to screen off the stage where there may be adjacent walkways, perhaps to separate bar or toilet areas.

On Stage Screening

Our on stage Drum Screen serves a dual purpose! In an effort to manage room volume (yet maintain the live drum kit sound), these purpose made perspex drum screens are perfect for indoor sound management. Additionally, the screen provides further onstage screening between players.

Setting up with masks

We'll be setting up and packing down wearing masks. Social distancing will be observed with guests, venue staff and each other throughout the duration of our time on site.

We'll be taking temperatures on arrival onsite

When we arrive onsite we'll be checking band members temperatures. We'll also be communicating with each other regularly, regarding any illnesses or symptoms prior to event dates.

Box of tricks

We have plenty of hand gel, visors, masks, mic covers, anti bac spray, kitchen roll, mic covers (I said that already, we have lots) and temperature checks. We also have a copy to hand (for whoever would like to see it on the day) of our risk band assessment.

We are obviously so keen to be able to perform ASAP! Above we have listed some of our main processes to deliver a C-19 neutral performance. We are able to supply venues and regulatory / licensing boards our C-19 and general performance risk assessments whenever required. This has been written in accordance to guidelines set out by the performance council available on the UK government website.


Further actions we'll be taking in line with the performance council guidelines:

  • Increasing the frequency of hand washing and surface cleaning.

  • Wherever possible setting up some equipment outside.

  • Continuing/Practicing social distancing whilst on site and when on stage.

  • We'll be always using front facing positioning of players on stage.

  • The Blue Rinse Band are formed of the same players. We do not use mix players or have regularly changing line ups.

  • During breaks or moving around a premises or venue we'll be maintaining our band bubble and not interacting with guests or venue staff wherever possible.

  • Using screens to separate individuals on stage and our DJ/Sound Engineer stage right.

  • All players will check into venues using the test and trace app.

  • We'll work with the venues in understanding access procedures

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