Hire this brand new Neon look sign and stand for a great and unique look at your event. These signs can be used to welcome your guests during the day, create a unique message for the dance floor, the bar, wedding breakfast (in the room or head table), the evening reception party or even a cool place for guest photos, be creative and unique! Mounted on a secure copper stand, the sign is free standing and can easily be placed in your desired location (size permitting). Feel free to decorate the edges to your colour scheme (perhaps your florest cloud also dress), or ask us for some floral edging options we also have available.

'A Whole Lotta Love'

We also can supply a greenary wall too to compliment the look!

Neon Style Sign - 'A WHOLE LOTTA LOVE' with copper frame & optional floral edges

  • The Frame Measures 205cm high and 150cm wide. The Faux Neon Signs vary in size, but all hang perfectly within the frame. 

    The lighting will be brought with the band and set up. Alternativly please email for delivery options for delivery earlier in the day. Or for no charge pick up the frame and neon yourselves (the frame come in two parts and should fit large cars.