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Hire this brand new Neon Type sign, it can be used to welcome your guests during the day or to create a unique message for the dance floor, the bar, wedding breakfast or the evening reception room – and even has an optional changing colour or flashing 'KISS'. Mounted on a crome metal stand, it is free standing and can easily be placed in your desired location. Feel free to decorate the edges too, or ask us for some floral edging options we also have available. 



Brand New Neon Type Sign SMILE - LAUGH - TALK - EAT - DRINK - DANCE - KISS

  • Having played at so many beautiful and unique venues over the years, we recently thought to ourselves, can we bring some visually unique lighting to add the finishing touches to the big day, party or event! Hands up, we have always been a bit obsessed with lights too, so finally we’ve been able to combine uniqueness and our little obsession, into one amazing NEON type wedding sign.




    The sign measures 1.3m high x 63cm wide .


    The neon sign creates a unique message in a contemportary lighting form creating a WOW talking point for the hosts and guests a like! 

  • We will bring the Neon Sign for the band arrival. Alternatively, please email us to check avilability of us delivering earlier in the day if the band are not due to set up early. 

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